Our Preschool

Jasmine Preschool provides a stimulating and natural context for indoor investigation and outdoor explorations that inspire a child’s desire to learn and grow skills needed for life.

We have a clear preschool focus: providing an effective collaborative framework for preparing children for school, while giving you the flexibility of our extended operating hours: 7am-6pm, 50 weeks a year.

Every family and child is known by all of our educators, an important consideration for consistency in partnering with you in guiding their development through this important stage of life.

We look forward to supporting you in your child’s development, sharing in loads of memorable moments along the way and forming a warm and collaborative partnership in their development.

Why Choose Us?

  • Open from 7am to 6pm 50 weeks a year
  • Delivering a targeted preschool program with the convenience of longer operating hours than a typical preschool; better supporting your family’s individual journey.
  • As a small preschool, a sense of belonging supports you and your child to be known by all; creating a unique and tailored learning environment and community to be a part.
  • We prioritise learning for life! This is reflected in our learning curriculums and environments, from the Nursery, right through our School Readiness programs, as children develop academic knowledge and skills, as well as social and emotional resilience to become effective learners.
  • Our safe and homely setting provides warmth and familiarity, bringing confidence in your child’s transition between the informal and more structured environment of school.
  • Freedom to be creative, imagine, wonder, and explore in our huge natural outdoor environment.

As one of just two preschools owned by Bonnie and Andrew Junor for over a decade, you can be assured that the owners are experienced, accessible and hands-on in guiding and supporting the operation of the preschool and in making these preschool days the most wonderful time for you and your child.

Real people, real community, real grass - as preschool should be.


  • All meals and snacks.
  • Sun safe “Jasmine Preschool” hat
  • School Readiness, STEM, numeracy and literacy programs
  • Child interest lead learning program based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Attachment Theory
  • Self confidence through great days doing things that excite

 All you need to bring is a water bottle, bed sheets, something to cuddle, a spare pare of clothes, and (if relevant) nappies.

Our Learning Environments

The Preschool is arranged in three developmental groups; Caterpillars 0-2 year olds, Butterflies 2-3 year olds, and Bees which has a focus on the year before school. This allows us to most effectively structure activities around what interests the children and their different developmental needs for rest, play and also more structured activities.

Caterpillars (0-2years)

 The Caterpillars benefit from high educator ratios, where our focus is on ensuring a fun day, filled with nurturing activities and cuddles, and in which each child’s needs are lovingly met by our wonderful team. Our focus is to simply ensure we quietly invest time in each child .

Butterflies (2-3years)

In our Butterflies room we focus on building confidence and self awareness through encouraging self help skills, craft, art and music. Relationships between the children are also beginning to take shape and positive interactions are being developed through lots of play.

Through small group learning, confidence is built in the child’s relationships with their key educator. This is an important step in introducing relationships that are outside of their immediate family.

 Bees (+4 years)

 Our biggest little people are beginning to understand something of their world and their place in it. This makes for some really interesting activities as we meet lots of everyday concepts. As a more structured program, the Bees engage with activities that will best prepare them for school the next year. Rest periods are always available for those children that need it, but as the year progresses emphasis increases on more specific school readiness activities. Our aim is to encourage independent and critical thinking, while we build on each child’s capacity for concentration and focus as we explore ideas together.

Meet our Team

It all starts with our relationships. Jasmine Preschool is an excellent choice for parents seeking a wonderful community to become a part of. Our preschool has the most incredible team of educators to support your child and we take pride in the knowledge, skill, and passion of the team. Our educators are highly qualified and dedicated to the care and education of each and every child.

We are so incredibly lucky to have a learning environment that is warm and inviting for our children and families. We look forward to meeting you and to becoming a part of your child’s village, supporting them to reach their full potential.

Samara Driscoll - Director and Nominated Supervisor

It’s great to be leading such a lovely preschool and team, delivering wonderful experiences to the children and families of our preschool community.

We are proud of the closeness of our team with our community. I love the cosy feel that we have here, making every relationship individual.

Our team are passionate about making every day a delight for your child, taking the time to understand how they tick so that we can find the best way to engage them. We have a wide range of experience in our team to draw upon and the collaboration that comes with this is a real strength in how we approach our programme.

Relationally, each educator has a small number of key children for whom they seek to establish a particular rapport and support. For you, by having one person charged with a focus on your child, understanding your expectations for them, their interests and promoting their development will assure you that your child is not “just another fish in the tank” – they are each special and individual and it is their key educator’s privilege to support you as part of your child’s village.

You are more than welcome to drop by anytime to discuss anything regarding your child or just to say hi. I am always available to hear from you and share ideas so that we can effectively work in partnership in encouraging your child’s confidence, resilience and above all happiness. How we go about all of this is what contributes to being among the most sought-after preschools in our local area. I look forward to meeting you soon.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team as a casual, part or full time, please email your cover letter and CV to jasmine@kinderacademy.com.au