Our Team

Our team of experienced educators are passionate about delivering the very best for your child every day. We believe that play is the basis through which all learning takes place and strive to help each child discover their potential.

Centre Director

Michelle Blake
Nominated Supervisor

It's great to be leading our lovely service and working with such a great team. Jasmine preschool is a warm and welcoming environment where children are able to learn and grow in a supportive, loving and nurturing environment.  

Among our team we have a wide range of ages and depth of experience to draw upon in working with your children. The collaboration that comes with this I believe is a real strength of how we operate and deliver great experiences for the children 

You are more than welcome at anytime to drop by to discuss anything regarding your child or just to say hi. I can appreciate the importance of open communication between families and staff and would happily welcome any suggestions or comments. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.