Our Routine

We conduct each day in the preschool around a standard routine, incorporating outside play, news, rest time, craft and school readiness.  This is modified according to weather conditions, time of year or other special activities such as incursions.

  • 7.00am Landing Zone:welcome and settling in.
  • 9.00am  Coming Together: Group activities 
                       music, movement, stories..
  • 10.00am  Morning Tea
  • 10:30am  Classes: Intentional Teaching
                      Outdoor Classroom

  • 11.45am  Tucker Time

  • 12.20pm  Rest time and quiet activities
  • 2.40pm  Afternoon tea
  • 3.00pm  Outside discovery
  • 5.00pm  Late afternoon tea.
  • 5.30pm  Indoor play

We operate on an open door basis, where you can ring, or visit us at anytime during the day just to see how your child is doing, share in birthday celebrations, or other special events or incursions.

You are also welcome to be involved in our activities – like when we look at occupations – just let us know.