Our Philosophy


Jasmine Preschool is a warm, caring and family oriented centre that is committed to offering the highest quality of child care in the region. Ours is a safe and secure place, where the comfort of a homely environment is supported by carers who have a heart for children and their early development.

“Caring Hearts Growing Minds”

Our credo is reflected in all we do; from the way we extend our warmth, knowledge, and respect to each child and family member, to the way in which we care for our fellow team members.

Throughout their time here we strive to help each child discover their potential by building on their confidence. We do this through developing secure relationships and providing a safe and nurturing environment where they are able to explore and discover, take risks and foster their own learning.

We believe that we can be most effective in nurturing and educating each child by valuing and respecting them individually, always encouraging a feeling of acceptance and belonging.

We celebrate our differences and encourage the sharing of cultures, languages, skills, ideas and attitudes to broaden the learning environment. We recognise that the traditional heritage of this land contributes to this and we encourage children in their awareness of Aboriginal culture through planned and spontaneous experiences.

We believe that each and every experience ultimately contributes towards the person each child will become and that play is the basis through which all learning takes place.

Children are active seekers of knowledge with a natural curiosity to learn about their surroundings. Our environment is open ended, stimulating, and adaptable to engage the imagination of each child, fostering creativity, risk taking, and spontaneity as they relate with each other. 

We recognise our responsibility for living sustainably and will seek to awaken in each child an appreciation for their natural surroundings and their responsible use of resources.

Our school readiness activities seek to provide children with a head start from their very first day at “big school”.  Individual and group programming is directed at supporting each child’s development, building on their unique strengths, needs and capabilities.

We work in partnerships with families to create a link between the home and the preschool environment. We acknowledge families are children's first and most influential educators.  We see ourselves as supporting parents in developing the best in their child during these early years and encourage them to share their ideas and experiences with us.   We value their input and seek to be flexible and responsive to their suggestions. By working together parents and educators can enhance a child’s learning and wellbeing.

Throughout their time here, parents can expect that their child will grow in confidence, be encouraged, guided, respected and valued.