Our Philosophy 

Jasmine Preschool is a warm, caring and family-oriented centre that is committed to offering the highest quality care and education. We pride ourselves on upholding the rights of each child and creating and maintaining secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships  with the children in our care.

We offer a safe learning environment where the comfort of a homely environment is supported by carers, who have a heart for children and their holistic development. Our environment enables each child to feel safe, secure and respected as an individual, thus creating feelings of acceptance and belonging. Our environment is open-ended, stimulating and nurturing, and is highly adaptable to the individual needs of each child.

At Jasmine Preschool, we strive to help each child discover their potential, whether through our own teachings or through the support of additional services within the community. We believe that play is the basis through which all learning takes place and that children are active seekers of knowledge, with a natural curiosity to learn about their surroundings. In light of this, individual and group programs are designed to foster each child’s development, while building upon and supporting their unique strengths, needs and capabilities. Our school readiness programs also seek to provide a smooth transition from Preschool to ‘big School’, while providing children with a head start from their very first day of Kindergarten.

We believe in celebrating interculturalism and working in partnership with families to encourage the sharing of cultures, languages, skills, ideas and attitudes in order to broaden our learning environments. We acknowledge that families are children's first and most influential teachers and encourage them to share their ideas and experiences with us to allow for consistency between home and Preschool. We also believe our role is to support families in developing the best in their child, to value their input and to be flexible and responsive to their suggestions. 

We pride ourselves on knowing the importance of acknowledging the traditional land owners while aiming to educate the children about local Indigenous cultures. This is done through the embedment of local Indigenous cultures, along with both planned and spontaneous experiences within our daily programs. We also believe in a sustainable environment and will seek to awaken each child appreciation for their natural surroundings and the resources it provides. 

In conclusion, our philosophy is reflected in all we do here at Jasmine Preschool, from the way we extend our warmth, knowledge, and respect to each child and family member, to the way in which we care for our fellow team members.