Our Natural Play Spaces

To enhance each child’s experience and memory of this special place we continue to build upon its quality and ambience.

We love to celebrate our existing wide open spaces, working in discrete zones that lend to a range of particular activities. .

We celebrate our natural play space. All too often children’s experience of the world is limited to the standardised ‘safe’ playground of rules, bright plastic, cottonwool and softfall; where anything remotely appearing as a risk is hastily removed from the environment. This contributes nothing to spontaneous natural play, learning and challenge.

We believe playing in a natural setting teaches children to better take care, be aware, estimate risks, make decisions and to cope with life. We infuse these attributes into how we use our spaces; encouraging the judging of risks and not simply removing them all together.

That said, we remain wholly committed to maintaining Jasmine as a safe place, but recognise the benefits for a child in better understanding their world through experiential play which should be a natural part of childhood.

From time to time there will be opportunities for the families in our community to contribute to these plans through working bees and the like, or to bring their skills and expertise directly to project elements.